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Our Values

Whats good enough this year will not be good enough next year

Quality together with consistency

The quality of our produce is one of the key components that make up Gropak. Each product must meet our product specifications before being sent to the supermarket for the consumer. Gropak invests in fit for purpose machinery and processing facilities to deliver the top quality fresh produce that the consumer desires. Our quality assurance team undertake checks daily at all stages from bulk stock through to packing into their individual bags. We take great pride in the quality of our produce and will continue for it to be a top priority.


The service we provide to both our customers whether it be the supermarket or the end consumer is how we have stuck around the last 20 years. We will go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied with the product and service we provide. For Gropak it’s the ‘getting it right’ that counts. Fresh produce is a perishable product therefore at times there are inconsistencies, it is the way we find solutions therefore our customer is never out of pocket. Gropak maintains a service to meet the consumers ever evolving needs to enjoy fast, fresh and healthy living.


Innovation is key to growing our business. Gropak is always looking for new efficient ways of packing produce that are cost-effective without jeopardising quality. We also keep an eye out for new types of packaging, that can extend shelf life, look after the product and that is sustainable for the environment.
Because fresh produce is a perishable product, we look for sustainable ways to find a purpose for the less than perfect produce. For example, we sell our ‘reject produce’ such as produce that doesn’t meet our product specifications to farmers for their livestock.

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