Caring for your Veges

Tips for keeping you and your veges safe

Before washing produce – wash your hands.
Wash produce for about 20 seconds making sure your rinse the dirt off (if there is any) 

Try not to peel your veges as the skin hold a lot of nutrients that are good for you

When purchasing your produce – check the produce is not soft, old, or discoloured. These are signs the produce is not longer fit for consumption.

When storing your produce keep your potatoes and onions in a cool dark place and your carrots in the fridge ideally between 4-6 C

When cooking your meals, it is important to take precautions towards food-borne illnesses. Do not cross contaminate by using chopping boards and equipment that have been used to prepare raw meat and poultry for your fresh produce. Wash hands, bench tops and equipment with warm soapy water and dry well in between uses.

Ethylene. A plant hormone regulating fruit and vegetable ripening by releasing a gas in small quantities. Fruits such as apples, bananas and pears are ethylene producers whereas tomatoes are moderate ethylene producers. Broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce are sensitive to ethylene causing wilt and decay. Therefore, it is best to keep these fruit and vegetables separated.

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