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The faces behind Gropak
As part of our new business model Gropak has implemented in 2020, we have developed a ‘Frontline Team’. This team is responsible for the day-to-day running of Gropak across all facets of the business.
Owner Operators

Alan and Andrea Buchanan

Alan and Andrea together are the backbone of Gropak. In business for over 20 years they know the ins and outs of the produce game. They are passionate about fresh produce and are determined to keep vegetables on New Zealanders plates. Alan and Andrea are proud of the relationships they have built through Gropak over the years and look forward to the new pathways and opportunities for Gropak in the future.
South Island Sales

Georgia Buchanan

Georgia established Gropaks ‘Cut Veg Range’ in the North Island in November 2018 before heading to the South Island in February 2020 to introduce our Sunlite Low Carb Potato and also the Cut Veg Range to the South Island. She looks after the New Worlds, Pak’n’Saves and Four Squares in the South Island.
North Island Sales

Heather Sheil

Heather is in charge of our North Island Sales for both prepack and Cut Veg Range. Heather ensures all day-to-day duties are completed so we are able to meet our logistics deadlines. Heathers our go to girl in the office, she keeps everyone in check.
Process Room Supervisor

Peter Stimpson

Peter oversees the daily operations of the Process Room Facility. He ensures the Cut Veg Product meets product specification and that the Food Safety Control Plan is always adhered to. Peter also has a logistics deadline he must meet, therefore he has the process going like clockwork.
Packhouse Supervisor

Diddy Scanlon

Diddy oversees the Packhouse staff, he puts together the orders that go to the Supermarket daily. You can often find Diddy on the forklift driving backwards and forwards from the packhouse to the office collecting orders to make up.
Packing Line Supervisor

Kerry Astwood

Kerry looks after the packing lines, we have 4 packing lines going at once that Kerry oversees. Kerry fixes any break downs of machinery and ensures the packing line is running efficiently and smoothly with minimal disruption.
Quality Assurance Supervisor

Pakutia White

Pakutia is in charge of all things Quality Assurance. She ensures bulk stock entered the premises is up to standard before we begin to wash, grade and pack the produce. Pakutia also makes sure all packed stock meets product specification before it is sent out to the respective supermarket. Any paperwork is then completed detailing product standard.

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Ph: +64 6 329 6716
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